How to add an Image in the Divi Picture Gallery

for my clients


make sure they have the right size: 300 px wide, 72 dpi
(square images exactly 300×300)
in jpg format.



> Login to WordPress
> Dashboard> Media> Go to media Library
> Add new: add from computer or drag and drop drop files


UPLOAD TO the PAGE with Divi

> Dashboard> Pages > Choose your Gallery page

> Hover over chosen page: > Click Edit

> Click Edit with Divi Builder

> Hover over Image Gallery > Click gear icon on black menu for modules

> Gallery Setting will open in Pop Up Window

> Content Tab> Scroll to bottom of Gallery > Click grey + plus Icon

> This opens the view of the Media Library

> Add a TICK to new image on top right corner of the image, you can choose multiple images

> Click SELECT (Blue button on the bottom right)

> Click green TICK on bottom right in Gallery Setting pop Up

> Open PURPLE PAGE MENU at the bottom of screen (purple circle with three dots)

> Click SAVE in green BUTTON to the bottom right of the screen



I found similar instruction with SCREENSHOTS here:

How to Edit Images in Gallery


I found a similar instruction here

How to Edit Images in Gallery