This is a collection of instructions, tipps and tricks that I found useful, on the journey of learning how to build websites with WordPress and Divi.

I am gathering this informations from various places on the internet, facebook groups, forums and tutorials posted by other Divi users. In case of blog articles and websites I try to link to the original source. It is work in progress.

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Table of Contents

Server Configuration

Recommended Configuration

Divi Builder is not loading, page is not loading, layout is not loading

Header & Menu Bar

How to Remove the Logo from a Divi Layout



Asking for Support from Elegant Themes:

Make sure you Enable Safe Mode in the Support Center, when you ask for help,  this makes it quicker/easier.

  1. Can you please be sure to log into WordPress on mobile and enable safe mode, check if the issue still persists with safe mode enabled :You can do so by going to Divi > Support Center, scroll down until you find the “Safe Mode” section and you can enable it there.
Note: The plugins / custom codes will be disabled just for your account, your visitors will not be affected by the change. 😊

Tipps for Dealing with Clients

Five ways to gather copy from your client for your website project